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Dr. Bill Daggett
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Many high quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs exemplify several aspects of the kinds of learning intended under the concept of career (and college) readiness; but CTE and “career readiness” are not necessarily the same thing. This paper explores the reasons why.


Career Readiness Is More than Career and Technical Education


By: Dr. Richard (Dick) Jones, Senior Consultant


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Career readiness is broader than existing diploma requirements or career and technical education (CTE). Career readiness means demonstrating proficiency in rigorous, applied skills acquired through the integration of academic and job-specific skills to function effectively in today’s workplace and society to be:

lifelong learners | decision makers | problem solvers| technologically competent | expert communicators with strong interpersonal skills


We Believe:

  • Career Readiness requires transforming instruction.
  • A broader use of data is essential to improve career readiness.
  • There are many areas of instructional overlap between college and career readiness.
  • Schools need to adopt more innovative Career Readiness practices that engage and serve students.


What We Offer To District and School Leaders:

  • Innovative Models and Best Practices
    • Model Schools
    • Innovative Best Practices  for career-ready learning
      • New Data Tools aligned to Career Readiness
      • Tools for reflecting on, enhancing, and transforming instruction
        • “Best in Class” practices
        • Models for converging college and career readiness


  • Broad-Based Culture Changing Awareness Programs
    • Webinars and support tools designed by Dr. Bill Daggett and senior staff
    • Peer-networking and collaboration with colleagues across the nation


  • Online Technical Assistance Support and Consultation 


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Your professional opinions help us to address educator needs and issues. Please take 10 minutes to share your thoughts on any (or all) of our three most current surveys:

Online/Blended Learning Survey
Online/blended learning enhances literacy, provides access to information and promotes self-learning, motivating and engaging students while enhancing their self-esteem. It also radically transforms instruction.

Career Readiness Survey
“College readiness” is typically defined in terms of academic achievement, but “career readiness” is a more elusive concept to both describe and measure. Yet both are essential conditions of students’ future success. Please share your thoughts.

Rigor and Relevance Reflection Survey

A personal reflection survey on the level of rigor and relevance in your classroom is a new resource for you to use in working toward Quadrant D Learning.


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